Jiangsu jiangdu ZhenBang test machine factory

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Address:Jiangsu yangzhou city jiangdu district zhenwu town industrial park

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Jiangsu jiangdu ZhenBang test machinery factory is located in jiangsu province town of yangzhou city jiangdu district zhenwu,Companies have many years of production experience,A strong hardware、Software development capabilities and mechanical design capability,Has a professional automatic control、Software programming、Hydraulic machinery、Material testing、Marketing、The production management、Electrical assembly and other kinds of senior engineering and technical personnel。Enterprises with matching car、Pliers、Milling、Grinding、Wire cutting and other mechanical processing,Very skillful。Testing machine from design to manufacturing one-stop independently。ZhenBang test machine factory for several years,Gradually formed its own unique characteristics in corporate management and corporate culture,Rapid growth in the testing machine industry development。Companies on the business philosophy,Pursue good faith customer、The quality strives for the survival、Innovation development、Science and technology, the aim of creating famous brand。Long ZhenBang test machine adopt foreign counterparts manufacturers,For design and development、Manufacturing。Testing machine software database brings together many a try a variety of materials at home and abroad

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